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Friday, July 23, 2021


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Are Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19 a waste of time?

Because of the incredible number of things being said by many people today about the current Pandemic and it being part of...

COVID-19 and the Second Coming of Christ

Time and time again over the years, there have been Christians who have attempted to predict when the end of the world...

COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theories

Over the years, I have heard conspiracy theories about many things. For example, it wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President Kennedy...

Happy Census Day

Today is national Census Day in Canada. It's most important for each and every resident in Canada to fill...

How should a Christian decide whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

I have been a pastor for over 50 years now and rarely, if ever, have I seen the disagreement amongst Christians over...

Celebrating mothers

As we all know, we don't need a special day on the calendar to celebrate mothers, however, it's always nice to honour...

I am with you always

One of the challenges of being a follower of Jesus Christ is sometimes the things He asks you to do.

Why can’t people sacrifice, delay gratification as pandemic continues?

My sister, Leah, celebrated her birthday on April 30, which of course reminded me how I had wanted to fly to Kelowna...

Your greatest weakness can be your greatest asset

One of the great challenges of my life has been my height, or more specifically, the lack of it. If I stretch,...

Smokers treating mother nature like an ash tray

Many smokers are mistreating mother nature in an alarming rate in Selkirk and Winnipeg as they littler butts on streets, sidewalks and...
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Must Read

Bombers training camp

Training camp for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers continues at the University of Manitoba on July 19.
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Chasing his professional football player dream

By Jim Bender  WINNIPEG - There is at least one Winnipeg Blue Bombers hopeful who should have a pretty...

Painting, croquet at St. Andrews Rectory

There is always plenty to see and do at the St. Andrews Rectory in the RM of St. Andrews.

Selkirk mayor celebrates Canada Park’s Day at Selkirk Park

Selkirk mayor Larry Johannson spent the morning of July 17 at Selkirk Park as he explored the Marine Museum of Manitoba, the...