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Friday, December 3, 2021

Henry Ozirney

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Should we try stop the conspiracy behind COVID-19?

The other day, a doctor who works in Boundary Trails Hospital near Winkler was interviewed. He said that there are people who...

Are Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19 a waste of time?

Because of the incredible number of things being said by many people today about the current Pandemic and it being part of...

COVID-19 and the Second Coming of Christ

Time and time again over the years, there have been Christians who have attempted to predict when the end of the world...

COVID-19 and Conspiracy Theories

Over the years, I have heard conspiracy theories about many things. For example, it wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President Kennedy...

How should a Christian decide whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

I have been a pastor for over 50 years now and rarely, if ever, have I seen the disagreement amongst Christians over...

I am with you always

One of the challenges of being a follower of Jesus Christ is sometimes the things He asks you to do.

Your greatest weakness can be your greatest asset

One of the great challenges of my life has been my height, or more specifically, the lack of it. If I stretch,...

Good News – Bad News

Two avid golfers are discussing whether there'll be golf in Heaven. They decide that the first one to die should come back...

God loves you and is for you

Over the years, I have collected some very interesting sayings that churches have put on their outdoor changeable signboards.

Singing and Dancing this Easter

Over a 20 times now since 1986, I have been to Jerusalem and visited the Garden Tomb where many scholars believe the...
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Must Read

Fischer launches new book

Laurie Fischer, who is well known for director local theatre, has launched a new book.
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Rivals ready for CFL western final

By Jim Bender Different time, different place. But same two heated rivals determined to get to the CFL’s Holy...

Coyotes take bite out of Jets

The Arizona Coyotes came out on the winning side of a low scoring game against the Winnipeg Jets as they Coyotes earned...

Jones heading back to Winter Olympic Games

By Jim Bender The greatest women’s curler in Canadian history – and arguably the world history – is heading...