Birds Hill Provincial Park a real gem


It is often said in life that we can take things for granted. This could be said for Birds Hill Provincial Park.

We all know this particular provincial park is in relative proximity to Selkirk. We often drive by the park as we travel up and down Highway 59. I am sure a number of people who live in and around the Tri-S area have visited the park on many occasions.

On Thanksgiving my mom and I went for a bike ride along some of the trails in and around East and West Beach. It was wonderful to go for a bike ride with my mom at Birds Hill Provincial Park. Even thought I have been to the park many many times, for some reason on this particular day it felt exciting and new.

I was also taken back by the number of people who were out for walks, bike rides and picnics.

Brook Jones is the editor of the Selkirk Settler Times.


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